Dear Boss Man , regarding carrot cake

Dear Boss Man

Simply putting a stale carrot cake on the prep counter next to me (where I am working by the way!) then walking away mumbling angrily to yourself ,does not indicate anything to me . Other than the obvious of course there is now a giant cake in the middle of my work surface and you are apparently mad at it!

If you want me to throw it out SAY SO! or better yet walk the three feet to the conveniently located trash can and throw it out your self .

I am not psychic nor do I know what the carrot cake did to offend you apart from going stale which you know kind of inevitable really. Maybe you and the carrot cake can talk it out find out where it all went wrong just don’t bring me into it .

If you do decide to keep it around presumably to expose it’s wrong doing to another disgruntled employee , who probably cares even less than I do . That’s fine too please seek another council on the matter hell form a committee if you like . just get it the hell out of my comedicly small prep area!

Thank you for your time , yours sincerely Ace

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