Museing about pineapples

Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering the pineapple on a Caribbean island in 1493. Can you imagine how wacked out with hunger , sunstroke and dehydration the famous Spanish admiral must have been to think, hey ! a prickly yellow thing protruding from the center of an even more spikey low lying bush crack it open ! I bet we can eat that!

I mean the crew must have thought he’d gone stark raving mad. What’s more the admiral

If you'd never seen it before would you dare try it ?

If you’d never seen it before would you dare try it ?

clearly driven to lunacy by the sea want’s to load the ships up with the defense savvy fruit and transport them all the way back to Spain! because of course the upper echelons of society will pay top dollar for a prickly yellow thing they’ve never seen or even heard of before .

Even more crazy , they did!

If you didn’t know how delicious a pineapple was would you try it ? Don’t get me wrong I love pineapples . I’m just saying if I stumbled upon a one on a tropical island or in my local farmers market and I’d never seen or heard of one before , I can’t see my first thought being oooooooo tasty !


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