Bathroom dilemia

So this conversation took place the other day

Customer : Do you have a washroom?

Me : Yes straight through that door (indicates door) and turn left

Customer : Do I need a key?

Me : Nope just straight through the door and to the left

Customer : Is it outside ?

At this point I’m thinking 3 things.

  1. Why in the world would the bathroom be outside ? we’re in downtown Toronto here , it’s g-toilet-question-markhardly like we’re in some outback gas station liable to have out houses.
  2. Don’t you think if it was outside or you needed a key for that matter , don’t you think I would have mentioned that the first time you asked . I gave you a fork for your salad why would I not give you a key for the bathroom (if you needed one ) ?
  3. This is quite the inquisition for something you could have easily found the answers to yourself simply by following the sign labeled washroom .

These are my questions to you bathroom goer .


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