Top 5 stupidist reasons to be called into work

I’ve been in service over 10 years in that time I’ve been called into work for a medley of stupid reasons below are the 5 I thing really take the cake .

  1. Early on in my career I was the assistant manager at a cookie kiosk , I worked almost constantly only taking 1 day off a week during which I was on call should anything go wrong . One morning I woke to the sound of my house phone ringing (I didn’t have a cell phone yet) naturally I shot out of bed sure the place had burned down or we’d been robbed by sugar high preteens . Upon answering the phone I was relived to discover this ringing phonewas not the case . The 3 girls there had opted to call me because they couldn’t and I quote “figure out how to turn on the slushy machine ” Now understand this machine has 3 buttons on it 1 is a picture of a snow flake , the second is a spinning slushy machine and the third is a power symbol. Feeling that trying to explain this over the phone would be a waste of time if they couldn’t between 3 of them figure this labyrinth of engineering out  I made my way down to the store . Can you guess what I did when I got there , pressed the power button followed by the snow flake (which if you haven’t guessed turns the freezer portion of the machine on) and last but not least the spinning slushy machine (it makes it turn so it doesn’t turn into a frozen block of blue ice . The girls stared at me and then at it in sheer amazement one of them commenting how she “never would have thought of that” I didn’t say a word just turned around and headed home , secure in the fact my position would never be threatened by my co workers .
  2. This one happened just a few years ago I received another early morning call from a co worker informed that they were to depressed to bear coming into work could I come in for them , I feel for them but seriously we all have our depressed days the world keeps on spinning .
  3. I answer the phone and all I can hear is a deafening alarm and my co worker screaming , “we had to open but neither of us knew the code for the alarm so we went in anyway and now the alarms going off can you come in and turn it off”
  4. This was actually at the same place as the slushy machine incident ” I’m really sorry to bother you put the oven exploded and I didn’t know who else to call” when I came in they were not exaggerating the entire place was covered in ash the oven door was blown almost clean off and one slightly blackened employee was there to greet me .
  5. The most recent but equally absurd one comes from a co worker in pre med , “I forgot my biology final is tomorrow can you cover my shift ?” I’m not entirely sure doctor is the greatest career path if you can’t remember when your biology final is .

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