restaurant translatior – how the menu reads to a cook

After a over a decade in the food service industry . I’m still a huge fan of eating out I do it at least a couple times a weak however working in the industry does mean I read things differently to the average customer . The way I see it everybody is entitled to know what their really getting when they step into a restaurant  , so in todays post I will translate some of the most common culinary cons.

Daily special – Thing with high food costs that are about to go bad combined and disguised with  a nice sauce to seem more edible.

Catch of the day – Whatever fish is on the turn._MG_0235

Half price baked goods – stale baked goods.

Brunch – unimaginative staple dishes comprised largely of scrapes and eggs , prepared by the kitchens least experienced cooks.

Seafood Bisque and Boulliabassie – Seafood compost add water or cream ,season and reduce.

Discount sushi – old sushi.

Well done – Cuts of steak no one else wants incinerated into tasteless boot leather.

White wine mussels – poorly stored over priced freebie dish the cook doesn’t care about . Watch out for the closed or close to closed ones.

House wine – cheap plonk.shepards pie

Julienne potatoes – French fries.

Shepard’s pie or beef parentier – left overs with mashed potatoes on top.

Chili special – left overs slow cooked in a pot.

Vegetarian plate , Crudités – Over priced sliced vegetables in pretty patterns probably made by the dishwasher\kitchen helper same goes for the fruit plate.

don’t get me wrong I love restaurants, if you like something and it tastes good who cares if it’s predominantly scraps if you enjoy it go for it more often than not your paying for a chefs ability to make low food cost items delicious there’s nothing wrong with that !

These are just a few if you have more to add please leave them as a comment I love to hear other peoples, translations.

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