you can’t trust anyone but yourself

I was recently offered a pretty BIG job a real honest to God, grown up job with a well known and reputable company who shall remain nameless because unlike them I have some class and self respect.

I met with the vice president of the company he seemed like a respectable honest character a person someone like me could look up to in the shape shifting world that is the food service industry. He said I was impressive an ambitious young woman, things I had never been called before let alone ever thought I was. I stressed to him that if I was to take the position I would need to give ample notice to my current employer as I did not want to inconvenience them anymore than necessary , we talked a little about my current position and he informed this would not me a problem. I went home from the interview on a high happy that even if I didn’t get the job at least I was being considered.

The next day the company’s executive chef called me, I was honored I was being short listed. After a short phone interview , he bid me goodbye and assured me I had his recommendation and would pass this on to the company . He assured me I would know within 48 hours if I had the job.

48 hours came and went no word came. I let it go assuming I hadn’t gotten the job I continued my search attended another interview where I was shortlisted for another fairly prominent position.

A couple of days later I received an e mail welcoming me to the team with instructions to reply to the e mail to let them know if I would be willing to start in a weeks time, if so the e mail stated that I would receive an employment offer within 72 hours. I replied positively. It was the most excited I have been in years the most excited I have ever been over a job, but I did not let it over come me , I waited until the employment offer came before putting in notice at my current job.

This of course left my current employer with only a couple of days before my last day but it couldn’t be helped and though it saddened me to put them in an uncomfortable position, I had to think of my self and my family . This as I’ve said was a big job we needed this right now, times are hard and good jobs don’t grown on trees you know .

I also received an offer from the other job I had interviewed for I respectfully declined telling them I was sorry but had accepted another offer.

The next day 1 day before I was scheduled to start at my new job I received an e mail from the vice president. Remember the guy I had thought to be a stand up guy a role model even. It read something like this .

FYI chef and I have not entirely decided on your position so we wondered if you would be willing to switch to a position not in your field with a starting wage well below your pay grade (basically minim wage) , we are trying to accommodate everyone . kindly let me know your thoughts.

Well I’m pretty sure you can guess what my thoughts were . Something along the lines of Fuck you, you back stabling bastard how dare you tear down honest peoples hopes because you think you can sit behind a corporate veneer and look down on the world that made you all you are. How dare you behave in such a false and disrespectful manner to your fellow human beings , how many times, how many ambitious young men and women have you done this to? Is your mother proud of you ? Do your children look up to you ? because they shouldn’t  . People like you deserve to be put in little boxes tied up with string and left there for a month.

That of course is not the reply I sent because unfortunately for me it seems , I was raised to have basic human decency. This is the reply I sent.

I regret to hear this new development, I was under the impression upon receiving your employment offer that this was a sure thing.
It puts me in an actionable position seeing as I have all already given notice to my current employer and also turned down a apposing offer in my field  based on what I had believed to be a secure offer in keeping with my ample experience and desire to continue my career.
Given these inconvenient circumstances, I would require a measure of assurance of the hours discussed previously and advancement to a position more befitting my career track in the future before accepting a different position within the company.
Please inform me ASAP if you would be amenable to this.

They retracted the offer. So this my friends is why I urge you to never trust anyone but your self and your closest friends and family , because good working class people get stepped on every day and it saddens me to think that one of them could be you .

sad cook

Fortunately I was offered another new job which I will start on Monday with my wits about me and my heart decidedly not on my sleeve.

If something like this happened to you and you need a shoulder to cry on or you just want to vent or have some thought s of your own on the subject please share them with me I’m always interested in others opinions.

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